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Welcome to Cedar Crossing

Cedar Crossing

Cedar Crossing is a truly unique neighborhood that offers homebuyers unparalleled views of nature.

Trees graciously sway, and their leaves rustle soft melodies of tranquility. Having a home here feels more like an extremely luxurious camping experience because this community so beautifully accepts the nature that surrounds it. With restricted reserves behind many of our lots, the serene ambiance of nature remains flourishing and uninterrupted.


Our newest community!

When we decided to build in Cedar Crossing, we knew we had to specifically design homes with this community in mind. We went back to our architects and engineers to redesign our floor plans. Our goal was to somehow allow the nature that surrounds our lots into our homes themselves. That meant we needed to strategically place windows, introduce open-concept spaces, all while maintaining workable square footage perfect for growing families. We took great time and consideration in our homes, and we are extremely happy with the results. Not only are our houses designed for the whole family, but they also enchant nature into the home.


How long is build time?

Even though every home is different, we can still estimate relatively accurate move-in times. Depending on the chosen floor plan, our build time for Cedar Crossing ranges from 4 months to 6 months. With that said, life remains unpredictable and in the past two years, our supply chain has evolved several times. Some factors that may delay our building times, such as product availability, weather, contractor schedules, and so much more.

When the build time ever gets pushed back, it is disappointing for everyone involved. Therefore, we avoid pushing back the move-in date at every reasonable cost. We will work around the clock to get you and your family into your home on time. However, we know any home bought from us is an investment, so please rest easy knowing we will never compromise on the quality of your home to move you in earlier, or on time.

We very rarely have had to push move-in times back.


How we design our spec homes

To best understand how we design spec homes, we’d like to give you a crash course on what spec homes are!

Spec homes are homes that are built without a homebuyer’s contract tied to the home. We build spec homes because homebuyers can’t always wait the full build time for a house to be built. We understand life isn’t always perfectly planned and like to have homes in our inventory for every situation!

We design our spec houses with a natural and organic themed design palate in mind. All our homes feature a stone facade in the front of the home, stunning engineered vinyl plank flooring, and gorgeous granite in the kitchens. We coordinate our selections, inside and outside, to ensure every home we build flows beautifully. We also choose exterior selections to best show off the community’s ambiance and the home’s elevation.

When you buy an Alta Homes’ spec house, please know we have treated the design of your home like we would for our own home. No detail has been overlooked; no design element has been spared!


What now?

Well first off, congratulations! You reached the end of our first-ever blog post. 👏

We talked in detail about our stunning community the homes we offer. Now, we believe it is time for you to experience Cedar Crossing yourself!

Give us a ring, we’d love to talk to you about the area, home features, upgrades, standard features, and so much more.

Our phone number is 888.904.7172!

Want to research the community a bit more? Click here!


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