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Warranty Files

File Name




Lake Conroe Village General Warranty Information

This downloadable file helps home buyers understand our warranty on our homes in the neighborhood of Lake Conroe Village.

1.3 MB

Warranty Service Request Forms

This downloadable file features our Service Request Form for 60 Days, 6 Months, and 24 Months.

434 KB

Common Items Not Covered Under Warranty

This downloadable file informs on exactly which common items are not covered under Alta Homes' warranty.

87 KB

Two-Year Limited Warranty & Ten-Year Major Structural Warranty

This downloadable file contains all of Alta Homes' warranty information.

14.6 MB

Powerpoint: How to Submit a Warranty Request with BuilderTrend

This downloadable file contains instructions on how to use BuilderTrend.

26.7 MB

We'll be in touch soon!

After filling out a warranty request, an Alta Homes representative will reach out to you within 3 business days. Service requests are scheduled Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Alta's Warranty Form

Please check your email to ensure you do not have an account with BuilderTrend before submitting the form below.

Warranty Requests

for Home Owners 

without BuilderTrend


Please email pictures of your warranty request to

Items covered under manufacturer warranty, such as appliances, are not covered under Alta Homes. Please contact the appropriate manufacturer directly to request a service appointment.

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